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MyGrow Microgreens
6791 Hwy 53 S
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Email: MyGrowMicrogreens@gmail.com
Website: www.MyGrowMicrogreens.com

Office: 715-456-7222

// // Crystal Krueger is the manager of our MyGrow Microgreens company. We have been growing Microgreens since 2016 and love to teach others how to grow them too.

We made the Microgreen kits to share the Microgreens experience with others - so others could grow and eat their own fresh Microgreens. Customers simply have to select a Microgreen kit and then apply light (sunlight or artificial light) & water. All kits include detailed instructions with pictures of each step and a troubleshooting guide with a lot of additional information also included. Every kit includes a FREE BONUS pamphlet of 12 Microgreen Recipes for each type of Microgreen. There are 15 different types of Microgreens to choose from. Please review our website and consider purchasing a kit to experience a taste of the Microgreen world. .

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