When are Microgreens most nutritious?

When are the Nutrients at their peak in Microgreens

Picture all the nutrients of the full grown Beet condensed into the tiny Beet Microgreen plant.  Though this isn't completely true it does paint a picture of how extremely nutritious Microgreens are.  It has been proven in scientific studies that the nutrients are 4 to 40 times that of the full grow plant.

The most nutrients per ounce of Microgreens is just before the second set of leaves come out on the Microgreen plant.   The first leaves are called Cotyledons and are not considered as true leaves.  It is just before the next leaves appear that the nutrients are at their peak.

In one study, Zhenlei Xia studied the nutrient content in 20 types of Microgreens and recorded the nutrients found in each.  For example one cup of raw Red Cabbage contained Vitamin C - 95% of DV, Vitamin A - 22% of DV, and Calcium (5% of DV). In comparison, one cup of raw Red Cabbage Microgreens contained Vitamin C - 245% of DV, Vitamin A - 766% of DV, and Calcium (10.9% of DV). [ref: “Nutrition, Sensory, Quality and Safety Evaluation of a New Specialty Produce Microgreens”]


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