Microgreen Kit Refills (15 variations)

Microgreen Kit Refills (15 variations)

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Mini Kits - Seeds, Soil & Instructions

The Mini Microgreen Kits can be used to refill the MyGrow grow trays or any other 10"x6", 9"x7", 8"x8" planting tray. Included are the pre-measured non-GMO seeds, the soil disks (all the soil needed to plant), and directions.   The recipes, Troubleshooting Guide, the Grow Guide, spray bottle, planting trays are not included.  Here are the available Microgreen seed types sorted by how difficult they are to grow:


Level 1: Easy  Level 2: Intermediate Level 3: Difficult

Salad Mix(8-12 days)
Arugula(6-8 days)
Radish(6-12 days)
Mustard(8-12 days)
Kale(8-12 days)
Broccoli(8-12 days)
Cabbage(8-12 days)

Peas(8-12 days)
Sunflower(7-10 days)
Beets(10-21 days)
Basil(12-16 days)
Cilantro(24-28 days)