Salad Ballad Microgreen Grow Kit
Salad Ballad Microgreen Grow Kit
Salad Ballad Microgreen Grow Kit
Salad Ballad Microgreen Grow Kit

Salad Ballad Microgreen Grow Kit

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This is one of the easier Microgreen Kits to grow. Contains all you need to use the kit three times over with three different types of Microgreen seeds.  Just need to add water, light and air circulation.   FREE BONUS - 36 Microgreen recipes. 12 different recipes of each of the three types of Microgreens.
    • Salad Mix Microgreens
      Seed - Contains a mixture of Broccoli, Kale, Kohlrabi, Arugula & Red Cabbage Microgreen seeds.
      Difficulty - This is one of the easiest Microgreens to grow.
      Grow Time - They take 6 to 8 days to grow from seed to harvest.
      Taste - A blend of cabbage and broccoli.
      Nutrition - Salad Microgreens have 9 times more nutrients & minerals than what is found in regular lettuce. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C, E, K1 and various minerals.
    • Arugula Microgreens
      Seed - Contains Arugula Slow Bolt Microgreen seeds.
      Difficulty - Arugula Microgreens are easy to grow.
      Grow Time - They take 6 to 8 days to grow from seed to harvest. 
      Taste - It has a peppery taste that grows stronger the more it grows.
      Nutrition - Arugula Microgreens are a natural super-food.  They contain Folate, Iron, Copper and other minerals. High in Vitamin A, C and K. 
    • Kale Microgreens
      Seeds - Contains Kale Dwarf Siberian seed.
      Difficulty - Kale Microgreens are easy to grow.
      Grow Time - They take 8 to 12 days to go from seed to harvest.
      Taste - It has a sweet nutty flavor.
      Nutrition - Kale ranks #10 in the most nutritionally dense crop. One cup of Kale contains33 calories, Vitamin K (684% of DV), Vitamin A (206% of DV), Vitamin C (134% of DV), Vitamin B6 (9% of DV), Manganese (26% of DV), Copper (10% of DV), Calcium (9% of DV), and Potassium (9% of DV). Also contains antioxidants, lutein, quercetin, kaempferol, and zeaxanthin. (ref: Natural Living Ideas)

    MyGrow Microgreens have been growing Microgreens since 2018. The Instruction guides included in this kit, one for each type of Microgreen seed, are the procedures we use to grow our Microgreens. Some of these procedures have been developed by trial and error and others by fellow professional growers that we then tested with our own crops. Each type of Microgreen has its set of needs - what best makes each type of Microgreen seeds grow.  Included in the instructions are pictures and detailed information for each step from seed to harvest.  Become an expert on growing Microgreens in these reusable kits. Select Buy Now and get started - Easy, fun, nutritious and yummy!


    Included in each kit:

    • Three (3) packets of Non GMO Microgreen Seeds.
    • Three (3) Instruction Guides - An instruction guide for each Microgreen seed type. Each seed type has it's own needs on how to best make it grow. Each guide is filled with tips and tricks for that specific type of seed.
    • Troubleshooting Guide - Answers questions such as when to stop "top watering" and start "bottom watering", why a blackout dome is necessary, why apply weight to the seeds, or what to check if the microgreens are not growing.
    • One reusable (1) planting tray, (1) drip tray & (1) blackout dome. Can be used many times over to keep growing Microgreens.
    • One (1) spray bottle for watering the Microgreens while in the Blackout stage of growth.
    • 36 Microgreen Recipes - 12 recipes for each Microgreen type - Nutritious and fun!
    Our goal is to help others learn how they can grow Microgreens in their own home. They are easy and fun to grow.